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Jane Luk gets an award!


Congratulations to our director, Jane Luk. On Saturday, October 14th, as part of the Bad Dog Alumni Weekend, Jane received the Mary Haynes Award for Alumni Contribution from the Bad Dog Theatre. Here are the details:

“The award was initiated last year by the Bad Dog Artistic Trio of Ralph MacLeod, Kerry Griffin and Marcel St. Pierre, and it is our way of thanking notable alumni who are either still active members or have made significant contributions to Bad Dog or Theatresports since its beginnings in 1982. It is named after our past General Manager Mary Haynes, whose hard work and determination kept Theatresports alive in the mid to late 90s.

“This year’s award recipient will be the lovely and talented Jane Luk. Jane’s been present and instrumental in the life of Theatresports and Bad Dog since the very wee beginnings, and it’s about time someone said so! So we will, and we’ll give her a nice honkin’ trophy, too!”

As part of the ceremony, Asiansploitation had the opportunity to say a few words. We thanked Jane for being a role model for Asian performers in Toronto. And we thanked her from the bottom of our hearts for being our troupe’s inspiration.

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