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Asiansploitation Rocks *TWO* Festivals In November!


Asiansploitation, Toronto’s Premiere All-Asian-Pacific Comedy Troupe is eager to head your way in the month of 2007. We’ll pile out of any elevator and trample over anyone to bring you our brand of Asian comedy!

Why are we so eager? Well it’s because we are thrilled to be a part of not one but *TWO* Toronto festivals in November! Two festivals??!?! How is that possible? How will Asiansploitation do it?!?! Will they ride atomic-powered rickshaws from one festival to another? Will they teleport from one to another like Hiro from Heroes? The only way to find out is to check them out yourselves at both amazing festivals. It all takes place between Tue Nov 13th and Sat Nov 17th 2007 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival
8 PM, Tue Nov 13 2007, Diesel Playhouse Cabaret, Tix $12

Asiansploitation is honoured to be part of the Opening Night of the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival Tuesday November 13th at 8 PM at the Diesel Playhouse Cabaret (56 Blue Jays Way). Tickets are $12 and you can buy them online at It’s going to be a full house so buying tix in advance is ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED***

If you missed our sold out TOFU TV revue back in May, or want to relive favourite moments from that show come check us out at Sketchfest. We’ll be performing alongside troupes The Riot, Morbio, and Caught In the Net in an awesome Sketchfest Showcase.

Reel Asian Film Festival
10:15 PM, Sat Nov 17 2007, Innis Town Hall, Innis College, Tix $10

You’ve seen Asiansploitation, the troupe, now see ‘asiansploitation’ the documentary on the big screen. Film-maker Yumi Otagaki produced this documentary short during the making of Asiansploitation’s May 2007 revue TOFU TV. See the cast behind the scenes as they work on the show. See them perform for 3 sold out audiences at Toronto’s Bad Dog Theatre. And hear candid thoughts from the cast, director, and producers of the troupe.

After the documentary short stay tuned for the Filipino horror thriller Ang Pamana The Inheritance, starring Asiansploitation troupe member Darrel Gamotin.

For more information on these events visit the websites above or email us at We look forward to seeing you out this November!

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  1. Asiansploitation permalink
    2008/04/15 21:37

    And a fine job it’s doing holding up the RA program. Give yourself a pat on the back with your other free hand! :-)

  2. Kevin Lim permalink
    2008/04/15 00:00

    Hey, that’s my hand!

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