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ASIANSPLOITATION 101: A History in Pictures


Due to some spelling errors, noticed by James, I am reposting with the corrections and some extra pics!!! ENJOY!!


As this may be my last post, for awhile, I decided to show you an assortment of Asiansploitation pics, on and off Stage:


Our ‘Be Pacific’ celebration Party

Top Row: James Cheng, Gene Abella, Gary Chan, Glenn Gabriel, Brian Lee, Darrel Gamotin, Max Minagawa
Bottom Row: Susan Austin, Sandy Chen, Jane Luk (Director), Paulyne Wei, Damon Lum, Jeffy B Santos


*NEW* Asiansploitation does Curling

Top Row: Glenn Gabriel, Darrel Gamotin, Gary Chan, Susan Sustin, James Cheng, Max Minagawa
Sitting: Paulyne Wei, Jeffy B Santos, Sandy Chen 

Hogtown Comedy Festival 2006, at The TRANZAC

Damon Lum, Max Minagawa, Brian Lee, Gary Chan, Jeffy B Santos, Susan Austin

Sandy Chen, Max Minagawa, Jeffy B Santos

Reel Asian Film Festival 2007

Gene Abella, Gary Chan, Jeffy B Santos, Brian Lee helping to promote ‘Finishing “The Game”‘. As told by Dustin Nguyen, our bodysuits are on backwards!!!


Nuite Blanche 2007

Brian Lee, James Cheng


The Cast at Brian Lee’s Wedding

Top Row: Glenn Gabriel, James Cheng, Brian Lee, Jeffy B Santos, Gary Chan
Bottom Row: Darrel Gamotin, Paulyne Wei, Susan Austin, Sandy Chen


*NEW* Asiansploitation at Night It Up 2009

James Chen, Franco Nguyen, Sandy Chen, Jeffy B Santos (Thanx to Jane M )


The NEW Asiansploitation after ‘We Will Wok You’

Top Row: Darrel Gamotin, Franco Nguyen, Jeffy B Santos, Gene Abella, Andrew Currie (Director)
Bottom Row: Lana Carillo, Byron Abalos, Sandy Chen


*NEW* Random pics of Asiansploitation fitting within their stereotypes

Enjoying Karaoke: Gene Abella, Darrel Gamotin, James Cheng, and Franco Nguyen

Shopping at T&T: Darrel Gamotin, Jeffy B Santos, James Cheng, Sandy Chen and Glenn Gabriel (Thanx to Andrew Currie)


As for the future, below are pics from a video shoot and rehearsal session we had last week. We have been invited to perform at the Fu Gen Theatre Company’s Fourth Annual Fire Gala. More info to follow.

Byron Albalos, Darrel Gamotin, Sandy Chen, Franco Nugyen, Lana Carillo

Lana Carillo, Darrel Gamotin, Gene Abella, Byron Albalos, Sandy Chen


Well, that’s it from me, I hope you enjoyed my time on our Website!!!

Jeffy B


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