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ASIANSPLOITATION 101: Chapter I – Birth

Jeff B Santos here. One of the founding members of ASIANSPLOITATION.

Over the course of the week, I will be taking you on a quick history of ASIANSPLOITATION, what we’re currently doing and a little bit of my own comedic background.

ASIANSPLOITATION, was the brain-child of one of my good friends, Glenn Gabriel.

While studying Improv at the Bad Dog Theatre he met Gary Chan and myself. As the months past, the three of us starting taking classes together, which led to performing on Stage together. It was during this time, that we started adding an Asian flair to our scenes.

One of our earliest attempts at an “All Asian” Show actually included our very talented and very white friend, Deborah Cape. She tried disguising herself by wearing a Karate Gi, but it was quite obvious that she wasn’t Asian

We then tried to do a Show with “God’s Chosen People”, but the “Jews vs Asian” Show, just didn’t happen.

With passion in our hearts, we let the word out,  that we were looking other Asian performers. So on the night of Monday, February 6th, 2006, in the basement of the Bad Dog Theatre, ASIANSPLOITATION was born!!!

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