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ASIANSPLOITATION 101: Chapter V – New Faces, New Venue


At the end of 2008, some of the original Cast members decided that it was time to say Good Bye to Troupe.

We wished them well in their future ventures and they wished the Troupe much success.


So, for our fourth Revue, “We Will Wok You”, we welcomed three new Members: Byron Abalos, Lana Carillo and Franco Nguyen.

All three had great experience on the Stage and great Comedic timing, however one of the important things they brought to the Troupe, was youth. Especially Franco, since he just completed Gr 9.

Franco Nguyen, Byron Abalos, Lana Carillo, Sandy Chen, Gene Abella, Jeffy B Santos, James Cheng



If the new Members weren’t enough, we had the opportuntity to re-mount our last Show at the ‘Toronto Centre for The Arts’,  home of “The Jersey Boys”.Not only die the TCA allow us to perform to a bigger audience and in a licensed establishement, it also allowed us to be more accessible to our fans who live North of the Bloor/Danforth TTC Line. However, the best benefit was seeing our names in lights.


For our first night at the TCA, we organized an Opening Night Recpetion and invited our original Members. Even Hurricane Bill could not ruin a perfect night for an Asiansploitation Reunion.[]=110290





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