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Establishing my Asian street cred: Part I


Wondering how a pasty white guy like yours truly came to direct an all-Asian/Pacific comedy troupe? ‘Tis a long and convoluted tale…

I’m an alumnus of The Second City Theatre in Toronto (which will be important for parts two and three of this series). In February, 2001 I took a four-month sabbatical from acting to participate in a new media lab at The Canadian Film Centre. As a comedic improviser it seemed to me at the time that the immersive, reactive world of video games was a logical extension of what I was already doing, and in fact the very future of interactive entertainment.

Unfortunately my stint at the CFC didn’t open any doors to the video game industry, so I somehow convinced myself to book a trip to the mecca of the genre — Tokyo, Japan.

That didn’t open any doors either, but just like every other pasty white person I fell in love with the place, and have been back three four times since.

You can read more about my inaugural trip to Tokyo 08/01″ href=””>on my original blog…

Coming up in Part II: An international superstar! (kinda)

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