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fu-GEN Fire Gala, in words and pictures…


Oct 26!  What a night!  The 4th annual fu-GEN Fire Gala was a huge success with some 500 people filling the Bright Pearl main dining hall.  Think Chinese banquet, red tableclothes, raffles galore, silent auction, speeches and the highlight of my evening:  comedic interlude from yours truly as Asiansploitation paid tribute to fu-GEN’s key projects with our own short skits:

1)  Banana Boys in 90 Seconds (a SUPER abridged version of the 90 MINUTE version of Banana Boys).  DENSE FUN.

2)  Lady in a Red Dress (turned into a lightening round guessing game of things that sound like…e.g. Lady sees Loch Ness).  Local entertainment celebrities Paul Lee & Keira (?) were the great guessers.

3)  Toilet Paper Series was 5 short videos that parodied fu-GEN’s “Paper Series” 5 monologues.  Funky mocking silly.  Keep an eye out on YouTube.

4)  TURN THE PLACE UPSIDE DOWN:  We turned a traditional fans-and-bamboo Filipino dance ‘Singkil’ into a Beyonce dance parody.  I’m still humming “All the Singkil Ladies” and “Oh oh oh, oh oh oh”.  Picture Sandy & Lana ditching skirt wraps to reveal body suits as the 5 guys (Jeff, Darrel, Gene, Byron, James) enter in synchronized jumps to “All the Single Ladies” music pumping up the room.  People were running into the dining hall to follow the eruption of overwhelming laughter.  And to our delight, the writer of Singkil came by afterwards beaming with joy and continued laughter to tell us: “Thank you:  it was the perfect end to (my) long day”.

It was a great night of food, laughter, and entertainment!  I had a great time and can’t wait to do more.  Stayed tuned as we look to perform again in mid-November.  JC.

And since they say a picture is worth a thousand words; here’s four grand…

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