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Jeffy B: Comedian – Improv Comedy?


As most young males who weren’t into either Sports or Star Trek, my choice of entertainment was Comedy.

In fact, “Three’s Company” is the reason why I’m a Chef today. More on this later on a different Blog.

One day, while searching for my next comedic high, I discovered a show called “Whose Line is It Anyways?”. This was my first introduction to Improv Comedy. This was the late nineties, so it was the less glitzy, yet smarter, UK version.

After that first episode, I was hooked. I couldn’t enough. I was overjoyed whan it was announced that ABC was going to broadcast a US version hosted by Drew Carey and starring fellow Canadian icon Colin Mochrie.

After a bit searching, I found a small Online Community who were huge fans of both Shows. They were simply known as “Whosers”. As a bonus, they were planning a Convention in Toronto. As an added bonus, Colin Mochrie was going to be their Guest of Honour.

Jeffy B & Colin @ Whoser Con June 1999


*On a side note, I actually had the opportunity to meet Colin earlier that year at the “Raise the Roof” Gala. One of the performers that night were “The Devil’s Advocates” aka future Asiansploitation Director, Andrew Currie and Albert Howell.

They’re Canadian Improv show “Improv Heaven and Hell”, started to broadcast that year.

Andrew Currie, Albert Howell & Jeffy B


*On another side note, this weekend marked the 11th year of Whoser Conventions!!!!

Don’t ask


Next up: Jeffy B hits the Stage

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