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Sandy Continued…


So here I am again, as promised, here are some facts as to how I got started with Asiansploitation.

As you probably know from Jeff, I have been a part of Asiansploitation since the beginning. I had not known Jeff, Gary and Glenn (co-founders of the troupe) at the time, but how I got in contact with them was through one of Bad Dog Theatre’s Artistic Director Marcel St. Pierre. Now how I got to know Marcel was because I choose to keep up my improv skills at the Bad Dog after I left Humber College’s Comedy Writing and Performance program, and he was my first instructor from the Bad Dog Theatre. Since then, Marcel and I have become friends, and he’s an absolute doll (btw, congrats on your recent engagement Marcel!!!)…anyways, before I digress further, Marcel at the time knew Jeff, Gary and Glenn had a vision of forming an all-asian sketch troupe, and so Marcel knew immediately that I could be well suited for such a venture. He passed my information to Gary, and through that, I was contacted to come to a meet and greet night. I guess I enjoyed the meet and greet enough that I stayed for the whole thing!

Having been part of Asiansploitation since the beginning, I’ve seen and helped it grow to where it is today, and I’m extremely proud. I’m always really excited and humbled when I meet people who enjoy our show, whether it be colleagues or someone who’s never been exposed to sketch comedy. I find it most rewarding when I hear from people who’s never seen sketch comedy and because of us, are now fans!

Next time, I talk about how this crazy picture of me came to be.

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