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Sandy the Sexy!


So I promised that I’d talk about the uber sexy picture as displayed in the previous blog (who wants a date with me in this set up???) I did a commercial last year for TD Insurance, and the idea of the commercial was that unless you purchased TD Insurance, you’d need to protect yourself with an extra layer of bubble wrap, pillows, etc…So imagine the fact that not only was this costume super heavy, we shot this commercial in the middle of August. Oh, but not this August my friend, it was last August, one of the hottest and most humid days available to all.

Years back when Nike first came out with their Shox line, I had the opportunity to shoot one of their very first series of the new line. After shooting the commercial, they let me keep the shoes for free (it wasn’t even going to be on the market for another few months, and here I was, getting a pair prior to everyone else), along with the brand new watch, and workout outfit. Sounds glamourous right? Not so when you had to run on a treadmill in “stop & go” mode for 8 hours straight!

The things we actors do sometimes!!!

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