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All The Singkil Ladies!!!


People are still buzzing about Asiansploitation's closer at fu-GEN Asian-Canadian Theatre Company's 4th Annual Fire Gala. Here's the image that is forever burned into some peoples' minds. Think…ocular branding.

At the end of the night my two younger sisters asked me 'Kuya, why were you the only guy wearing really short tights?' Truth is, I'm in the front so I didn't realize that I was the only one dressed like that. Crazy thing is, that onesie is actually in my wardrobe. That's right, I didn't have to buy that shit. It was my dance 'uniform' for jazz class in theatre school. I was uncomfortable wearing it then and I'm still uncomfortable wearing it now. I didn't wear a dance belt this time though so that was cool. If you're wondering what a dance belt is, it pretty much looks like what sumo wrestlers use to fight in. Ladies, don't know how you can feel sexy with a piece of fabric all up in yo' ass. Mad props to all of you.

Enjoy the picture.

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