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What's up cyber world of interweb people/humanoid type intellgences! (I know you exist AI – what's up.) It's my turn to blog this week. Actually, I had a personal blog before. But then I realized that no one was reading it so I cried for a bit and then decided it wasn't really worth my time.
I'm one of the newest members of the troupe and I've been having a great time. I've always kind of wanted to do improv and sketch. I think mostly because I used to be scared of it. I went to Ryerson Theatre School and I always got good grades and there's only one class I almost failed…clown with Leah Cherniak. I know what you're thinking, how do you fail clown? Well, you try too hard to be funny and you choke when you have to improvise something funny. Thus, sketch comedy and improv were my Everest to climb. Face your fears and you'll make yourself better right? I already did the full nudity thing in a show in Chicago where I played a crippled, gay, Vietnam vet who falls in love with his phone sex partner over a series of 10 calls – so this was the next logical step. Straight up?I'm a prep actor. I've always been a prep actor – I do my homework so the scariest thing in the world to me used to be being onstage without a script or rehearsal.
When I was living in Chicago, I realized I was living in the so-called Mecca of improv and sketch so I thought I'd take a stab at it. I took an improv for actors class and it was the most fun in a class I'd ever had. I would literally cry a bit every class from laughing so much and gradually, I got more and more comfortable. I even joined a sketch comedy troupe in Chicago for a time called Stir Friday Night. Those guys were hilarious and I learned a lot from them.
I caught 'Up Your Yangtze' because my boy, Darrel, was in it and I wanted to support. I enjoyed the show and at the end of it I was left with the feeling 'I want to do that some time.' Last year, I saw a posting saying they were looking for new members and D encouraged me to come out. I auditioned and now here I am. I had a blast writing for and performing in 'We Will Wok You' and I'm looking forward to what's ahead!
Later's y'all!

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