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Random Updates


Hello Sunshine! That's right I'm talking to you.

I've got 10 minutes to post something before I have to jet.

Here's some randomness:

I've been Reel Asian'ing it up over the past few days. On Wednesday, I saw the opening night screening of 'Overheard' from Hong Kong, I watched the 'Blinded By Goodness' short film programme yesterday afternoon and then finished the night off with a double header of Filipino films : 'Fruit Fly' a gaysian musical and 'Yanggaw' a family drama/thriller about a rural family with a daughter that turns into an aswang – Filipino vampire type creature. 'Yanggaw' was my favourite – gripping story, great tension and some unbelievable acting. I'm off in a few minutes to see a 1920's silent martial arts film with a live band accompanying it. Should be dope.

Don't forget, for all you gambling addicts and Daniel Negreanu fans out there – Asiansploitation will be at FOCUS' Poker Charity Event tomorrow. If you're looking to support a good cause and get some LOL's and you live in the area, come check us out.

And as an insider tip, here are the troupe's tells and how to know if the person has a good hand:

Jeff – starts winking at all of the men at the table and compliments them on their shirts
Darrel – cries
Franco – calls his brother and asks him what to do
Lana – starts humming arias from the baroque (make sure it's baroque, she tries to bluff with Edwardian era shit)
Sandy – pretends to be a wooly mammoth
Byron – gives birth to a squirrel (I'm bluffing if it's via Caesarian section)
Gene – starts showing off his rhinestone studded Mr. T underwear (trust me, I pity the fool who sees that)
Andrew (if he could be in attendance) – keeps talking about how Asians are the most superior of all the races (plus he tweets his hands in real time so just add and follow him.)
James – I actually haven't been able to crack James. Part of me thinks he's a droid. He is way too good with calculating statistics in his head.

Here's the other info that might be useful:

WHERE: Shangri-La Banquet Hall in Markham (50 Esna Park, east of Woodbine)
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