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…has arrived!Really excited to be here in the Interweb with you. Wassup to all the
Twitter followers, especially one of our newest: yeah that’s you, J!!

Just wanna thank Asiansploitation for making 2009 a year of firsts for
me: sketch peformance, sketch writing, improv… now blogging. What’s

Also: you may be wondering (if you’re not, I’ll tell you anyway), how I became a member of Toronto’s Premiere Asian Comedy Troupe. Let me break it down:

Once upon a time in late 2003, 2 musical theatre gals met. This meant going through the whole biatch-lemme-size-you-up-before-I-let-you-in thing. Those 2 catty chicks were Sandy Chen and Yours Truly. Luckily I ended up on Sandy’s good side.


Case in point: the scene below is from The King and I, the show we worked on when we met. I called it the bitch-slap scene. The slap was not part of the script, and I don’t remember it being the director’s idea either. Mommy!
When Sandy’s “Lady Thiang” raised that backhand to my “Tuptim”…I knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship =)


Fast forward to May, 2008, over 4 years of keeping in touch, Sandy taking a break from music theatre, while I stuck with it (call me crazy): Sandy invites me to a little show called Up Your Yangtze by her sketch troupe, Asiansploitation. Packed with creativity, humour, wit and all that jazz (No big surprise here): I LOVE IT. I was in stitches and I sat back enjoying the talents of these comics, knowing I could never do it (and being okay with that!).
Zip to early 2009 when Asiansploitation holds auditions for a female performer. Sandy urges me to audition. I hesitate. Sketch? never done it. Improv?! next to bees, sharks and being buried alive – my greatest fear. Sketch Writing?! What the deuce?


Anyway, I make the last minute decision to audition. I perform a monologue for a great panel: Andrew Currie, James Cheng, Gene Abella, Darrel Gamotin and Sandy..and I’m asked to do some Improv (eek!) with Ms Sandy. It goes pretty well, and I’m hoping that the baked goods I brought in (NOT as a bribe, initially) work some magic too.


Cut to a few weeks later…I’m IN. Shut the front door, Sandy Chen! Thiang and Tuptim…together again…plus five BOYS. There is a God, after all.


Well, there you have it.
At this very moment: I’m sitting here at my desktop (yeah, yeah – get with the times, Lan! Macbook,blah blah blah)..blogging as a member of Asiansploitation. Who’da thunk that, huh?! The little sketch virgin that could.


So far I’ve written, rehearsed, brainstormed, Wokked and Beyonce’d with this group of fine folks, and there’s no turning back. This is like a new family to me, and I trust them each wholeheartedly. That’s pretty hard to find in this Biznatch.


As many people know, I’m kind of camera-happy, so stay tuned to the next blog where I’ll be displaying my fave pics from the months gone by. For now, here’s one of the crew (sans busy Mommy Susan Austin) after our sold-out Bad Dog run in May 2009, and one taken after our most recent jaunt up in Markham at FOCUS’ charity poker tourney:


Peace, Y’All!!




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