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Creepy Words of Wisdom to Asiansploitation


Jeff, Gene & I (James) were dropping Darrel off at his new place today at Pembroke & Gerard after a rousing Asiansploitation interview with Thy, a University of Western Ontario Professor.  As she’ll be writing on Asian-Canadian/American theatre, we chatted about the socio/political/gender/cultural/’audience vs community’ aspects of our troupe, creative development process, and the Asian Canadian community.  It was a lively discussion where her background in Asian-American literature steered our disucssion to lend a current and intelligent tone in which it was very satisfying to engage.  My fingers are crossed that the article she writes will be accepted by a national academic journal for publication in May 2010 and will generate academic interest in our work.

As we drove east along Gerard on a dismal, overcast December afternoon and were planning to turn right on Pembroke, Darrel pointed out the somewhat irrational no-right turn sign which I soon learned was to discourage drivers from repeatedly circling the block at night seeking sexual proclivities.  We made the turn onto the one-way street anyways, a chain of cars parked along the right side.  We pulled to the left and let Darrel out.
Seconds later, an elderly woman ambled to the driver’s window and intensely murmured: “You’re going to be killed.”  Words of wisdom?

I shuddered, then looked at Jeff & Gene in bewilderment, quickly checking for cars that might hit us from behind.  Nothing.  I scanned for people on the street for quick movements, things out of the ordinary.  Nothing.  Then I listened for sounds indicative of danger.  Nothing.  I concluded the woman was creepy.

We drove down the street to Dundas.  And at the True Love Cafe at the corner of Dundas and Sherbourne where the Juicy Sexy Burger sells for $5.75, I thought to myself, Darrel lives in one eclectic neighbourhood.

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