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Franco Blogging from the STREETZ


This is Franco here saying, “hello internet world”? How are you? Great? Super? Chronically depressed? That is some kind of interesting. I, myself, am feeling quite well. I have been given the keys to the blog this week… I mean my dad owns the blog, but I can totally take it out anytime I want. So it’s pretty much mine.

I’ve been a member of Asiansploitation since February of this year. I’m only Vietnamese member of the troupe and I’m also the youngest. But what I lack in experience I make it up with my sense of child-like innocence and youthy catchphrases. COWABUNGA!

I’m actually very new to sketch, performing and the crazy world of theatre. I’m currently completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production at York University, which means I’m used to being behind the camera and not in front of it.

I had found out about Asiansploitation while searching for actors for my student film on I always wanted to do sketch and improv, and thought I should give it a shot. I sent Darrel an e-mail and he booked me an audition.

It was my first audition for anything so I didn’t have a monologue or any material to perform. I just went into the audition with some impressions. And after shocking and offending the jurors of Asiansploitation I was invited into the troupe. I’m here to target the MTV demographic. I’m bringing youthyness in the form of blue electricity. IMPROV TO THE EXTRME!

We’re very close to the holidays and even closer to New Years. I had such a great 2009. I went from not acting at all to being a member of a comedy troupe. Then going on to perform a sold out show at the Bad Dog and then on to the TCA. It was quite wild, quite wild indeed.
Peace out

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