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Hello World. How are you? Good? Great? Ok…

I myself am doing quite well. Yes. Quite well indeed. My Christmas was pretty good. I had dinner at my uncle’s house. I hadn’t been for a while (9 years) and so it was a huge surprise to see my little cousins all grown up. Especially Kieu. When I last saw her she was 5 or so. And now she’s 13. Oh, how they grow up so fast.

This is what she looked like before.

And this is what she looks like now.

The tickle fights just aren’t the same anymore.

My Vietnamese has become horrible. I suck at speaking Vietnamese. I sound like a confused 3 year old when I speak. Luckily, my uncle was still generous in the gift giving. I received 200 BUCKS and a prada sweater (fancy!). I couldn’t believe it. My reaction was similar to this young man’s, divided by 80.

Well, that is all i have in my head for now. I will come up with some new stuff. Until then, happy holidays!

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