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Sandy Skipped Rehearsals Tonight


Hey guys, Sandy Chen here. Ok, so I know a few people reading this will gasp and shake their head at the fact that I skipped rehearsals tonight to go for a facial and manicure at Elmcrest College. Sorry for not admitting it earlier troupe mates, but I really needed the pampering, plus, being constantly on stage, I have to make sure I look good!

The fact of the matter is, not everyone can afford facials at a starting rate of $70 for a basic treatment. If you’re a vain diva like myself, but on a tight budget, you too can spoil yourself like the rich girls do by getting it done at a student clinic.

There are many clinics around the area, do a google search and you’ll find places like Elmcrest College. Keep in mind that student clinics’ atmosphere is definitely not as serene as “La Super Expensive Day Spa”, you’re in a room with other student estheticians and clients, but they do their best with providing a serene atmosphere by dimming the lights and playing tranquil music. What they lack in atmosphere, they definitely make up in attention and care. These are students, therefore, what would normally be a 30 minute manicure would probably take around 45 minutes. My student esthetician Brittany was a sweetheart, she was extremely attentive, and she was really awesome. All clinics are supervised by the college instructors, so you’re definitely in good hands.

Going to student clinics you’ll save at least 50% than what you’d pay in a regular spa. What made it even more awesome tonight, was the fact that this week was “Friends and Family” week, therefore, all treatments were half off. $20 for a facial and manicure, not too shabby I say!

Uhm, ok, so the truth is out as to why I wasn’t at rehearsals tonight…I’ll be getting an ear-full from my troupe mates and my director…

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