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Hello loyal blog followers! B-ron back in the house.

I must say, it's been a very busy couple of months. A lot has gone down so here's a brief update:

I had a great vay-cay with my fiance Andrea and her family. They had a huge family reunion on her dad's side of the family and there was people there from Canada, California, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines. It was an incredibly fun trip as we spent Christmas week sailing the Caribbean on the Carnival Liberty. I'll post some pics and write about some highlights in a future blog.

I'm coming off an incredible run of a show called 'The Making of St. Jerome' at the Next Stage Festival. We sold out 8 of 9 shows and the reviews and audience responses were incredible. I was very moved by the whole experience, especially when the Reodica family came out to see the show. A huge thank you goes out to the playwright, Marie Beath Badian, director Nina Lee Aquino and everyone else involved in the production. I was especially happy to see my Asiansploitation family come out to support (although the overall consensus was that it wasn't very funny.) I've posted a pic of the cast that you can see in the current edition of The Philippine Reporter.

I'd also like to shout out Darrel and Lana for their work in 'Just East of Broadway'. The show was so awesome that I watched it with my fiance, mom and Lola. I saw the Fringe production and they kept surprising me with new things. Both D and Lana were incredible and had amazing chemistry together.

I have a writing deadline for mid-February for my play 'Brown Balls' and I'm feverishly doing re-writes. It's all good though. One of my homework assignments is creating a lecture providing an overview of the history of erotic Asian art. I'm subtitling the section "From Shunga to Hentai." I'm also working on another project with Darrel and some other people called The 6th Man Collective. We get to write and play a lot of basketball for it. Gotta love being a writer.

Speaking of basketball, I had a career best game last night. For the last three years, I've played for the United Ballers League and my team is the defending champion. We're trying to be the first repeat champion. Last night, I shot 6 for 10 from the field, and hit 5 of 9 three point attempts. That lead to a career-high 17 points, including the game winner. You can follow my stats online at Maybe, I can be on someone's fantasy league team! Anyone…anyone…no one…okay.

This past Saturday, I did a guest spot on CBC Radio GO! The show was on proverbs and me and contest Nana went around Toronto to find out if cultural proverbs can cross cultural lines. If you want to listen to it, visit before this Saturday.

I'm also extremely interested for Saturday because Andrea and I are going to meet our Dream Wedding Planner for the first time. If you haven't heard, we've signed up to be on a reality show! Our Wedding Planner is Jennifer Maxwell and we'll be meeting her at Fairview Mall on Saturday.

I guess that wasn't so brief.

Peace, fleece and elbow grease.


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