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Jeffy B’s ‘Night with Kevin Smith’


So last night, was the second time I have seen a live “Night with Kevin Smith” Show.

And just like his “Night with…” DVD’s and everything ele he’s done, last night did not disappoint.

When  the words “Mothf@$^*” came from his mouth. within the first minute of the Show,I knew it was going to be a great night.


Few of the hightlights:

– First question asked, was how Kevn proposed to his HOT Wife, Jenn. After that, the guy who asked the question then proposed to his GF in front of everybody *sniff*

– When asked about the Joey Jeremiah/Tessa Campanelli affair (Degrassi peeps know what I’m talking about), Kevin’s response recanted his wife’s realization that the ‘Blair Witch Project’ was fake, and how they both related to the cat people of ‘Avatar’

– Great story on how he pissed off Bruce Willis, while directing “Cop Out ” AKA “A Couple of Dicks”, not once but twice. Only to be rewarded by Bruce bringing back his “Moonlighting” David Addision character for 12 sec during a scene


However the topper of the night, was when my ex-wife asked for a Hug while I took pics. It took Kris a few minutes to explain our unique relationship to a dumbfounded Kevin.

Can`t wait for next year !!


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