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Like Father, Like Son


 A Father should always be proud of his Children, but last night I was almost in tears.

 My son, Dylan, portrayed Mr Cocker in his High School’s Musical, “Back to the 80’s”!/group.php?gid=259302050452&v=info

 One of the important things that I was taught as an Actor, is that the audience should never see you on Stage. You should become the Character you are portraying. And that’s Dylan did last night.

 Gone was the soft-spoken Teen that we’re accustomed to. On Stage, was the Hard-Ass, No Nonsense, and LOUD, Disciplinarian Stevie Cocker (Stevie Wonder/Joe Cocker). Head of the Math Depart at William Ocean High (Billy Ocean).

 However, what made his Mom start bawling her eyes out was Dylan’s Solo renditions of Bon Jovi’s “Shot to Heart” and The J Geil’s Band’s “Centrefold“.

 Could this be a future Member of Asiansploitation? Only time will tell.

Jeffy B

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