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Asiansploitation Has A Fan!!!


Earlier this week, Asiansploitation received an email from a Fringe volunteer… not only is this person already amazing for having volunteered – because the volunteers facilitate the whole festival – this Fringe volunteer shall henceforth hold a special place on my wall. Not my Facebook wall, but my literal wall. In my bedroom. The aforementioned FRANCIS FAUTEUX send us the following piece of art after seeing Asiansploitation Spanks The Tiger! So I’ve printed it and sticky tacked it to my bedroom wall. The heat is making the sticky tack fall apart, so I may have to upgrade to masking tape. But either way, it’s up on my wall with the likes of Bruce Lee, Simba, and Lana Carillo.

Francis Fauteux, THANK YOU for making Asiansploitation feel like rock stars!!! And for making my calves so muscular…

~ Andrea James Lui

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