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Sick of TIFF yet?

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Since the last post I had written dwelled on the subject of Toronto’s summer attractions, I certainly wouldn’t want to leave out the city’s biggest fall event: The Toronto International Film Festival. Lately, it seems that TIFF as it’s lovingly abbreviated) has been more about star gazing and celebrity watching, rather than the actual interest in films themselves. It’s a shame as I watch the local news and man-on-the street interviews are conducted with questions such as, ‘Who are you excited to see?!’ or ‘Which celebrities have you spotted?!’. Based on queries like that, why don’t they just call it the 2010 Toronto International Celebrity Scavenger Hunt(or TICSH, for short). Initially, having a film festival where movies of all types of genres, from every corner of the world, indie or Hollywood would be perceived as event that promotes cultural awareness and not as some red carpet whale watching that makes the city of Toronto look like it’s populated by a bunch of illiterate yokels…but I digress…. Try to check out some films at the festival this week, I hear the Elgin Winter Garden theatre has some great seats.

Also, stay tuned for news regarding Asiansploitation shows in the fall/winter!


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  1. 2010/09/24 13:28

    Really liked The King’s Speech from TIFF.

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