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Softer Sides of Asiansploitation


Hey everyone, Sandy here!

So I thought I’d share with everyone that not only are we funny and talented, we also do charity work at times on our free time.

I’m an active member of Animal Aid and Adoption, a York Region based animal charity that provides aid to animals in need. Although we specialize in cats, we’ll help any animal that needs our help

This Saturday, on John Street, just east of Yonge Street in Thornhill, we’ll be holding our annual garage sale. All proceeds will go to Animal Aid and Adoption, and these proceeds will be spent based on the priority of needs (i.e. medical care, food, etc)

So come by and help support Animal Aid and Adoption. Great gently used items for amazing prices. Where else can you find a brand new chocolate fondue fountain for sale? No where!

Come, help out, give us a buck, or else these kittens will be stuck in the cups forever!

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  1. 2010/09/24 13:11

    Soft kittens. How adorable! Who else in Asiansploitation does charity work on the side?

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