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Double Down, Double Done, Double Disgusting


I’m not sure why I’m so easily convinced into doing stupid things, but tonight was definitely one of those days.

Andrew Currie had wanted to try the new KFC Double Down, so he wanted a partner in crime for this…yup, it turned out to be me.

There we were, buying our Double Downs at KFC in Square One Mall in Mississauga. As the box arrive on the tray, I immediately realized that I had just crossed the point of no return.

2 pieces of breaded chicken breasts, and in between, sat bacon, cheese and some form of salty mayo sauce. I was only able to eat 2/3 of it, and that was 2/3 too much. Looks score: 9 for being probably the best item of a double dare from one man to another. Taste score: 2 for being bland, oily, and like biting into a bucket of sea salt. Verdict: wouldn’t do it again, unless I was super pissed drunk.

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  1. 2011/02/08 20:37

    On the flip side, I wonder if it’s a cost-effective protein source?

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