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Blast from the PAST (“past” being November”


Hey all.  A lot has happened since, our last show run.  And a special thank you for those who could make it.  and a plain, basic, boring thank you for those of you who “tried” to make it.  I’m just kidding, I’m just happy you’re thinking about us.

WHAT HAPPENED IN NOVEMEBR (….that’s a spelling error)?

My good friend, Aram Collier was the Project Manager of the Suite Suite Chinatown production that played at the ReelAsian Toronto International film festival.  It featured an interesting eclectic collection of shorts by local Chinese filmmakers.  The shorts were accompanied by live foley and music, by the Exercisers, Mary Ward CSS , and the audience!  I was lucky enough to be apart of one of the many interesting and entertaining segments.  Here is the one I was in!

Directed and Edited by: Aram Collier
Music by: Arthur Yeung





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  1. 2010/12/11 13:37

    Re: audience reaction… unlikely.

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