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Asiansploitation at Pinoy Fiesta


On Saturday, July 25, 2011 we had the honour of performing of performing at Pinoy Fiesta.

As an homage to their Hip-Hop Competition, we opened the Show with some Freestyle Rapping from Franco and Darrel.

The audience was surprised to see Gene and Lana in their midst, while they gave ‘Filipino Family Value’ advice to their “Son” Darrel in our next scene.

To keep up the Filipino theme, Andrea’s Kindergarten Teacher went Head-to-Head against Franco’s Computer Progammer in “Please Your Lola”!!!

We ended our set with crowd favourite “I’ll be White for You”. I heard some clapping as the intro was playing, but I wasn’t sure if it was because of the Sketch or because they were ‘Boyz to Men” fans.

We also had a chance to show off our ‘Asiansploitation” T-Shirts while promoting our new Show “Asiansploitation All Grown Up”.

It was a great afternoon of Filipino Entertainment, Food, Music and Food!!!

Jeffy B (pics to follow)


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  1. 2011/06/28 20:28

    So much delicious food!!! Sweet & sticky purple yam cakes rolled in fresh coconut…Crispy, caramelized banana rolls…I LOVE EATING!!!!! AJL

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