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This surpassed my wildest expectations and for me, was AMAZING.   We were on the road triangle at the north end of Queen’s Park south of Bloor:  the perfect spot because it was well lit with lots of pedestrian traffic.  Out of the roughly 1500 people that must have gone by, about 600 stopped to see what all the excitement was, of that 400 watched, laughed, got fliers, had a great time (as did we).  One lady asked her son “Do you want to go see them?” to which he nodded ever so enthusiastically.  Other comments I heard:  “You guys are amazing.”,  “It was a great idea to do this.”, and “I’m going to come watch your show”.  BTW:  we’re remounting Asiansploitation All Grown Up on Nov 11@8PM, Nov 12 @ 4PM/8PM at the George Ignatieff Theatre.  Tickets will be available in a couple days at, or see our website for details.

I learned that you need to build crowds one person and one small group at a time.  We started with simple games, but often grew to boisterous crowds of 40-50 people watching, and laughing.  It was AMAZING!  Some of my favourite scenes were
1)  Puppets where Franco became Christ; Andrea’s puppeteer got her to stomp her feet; and Jeff & James cleaned the bathroom — ahem;
2)  Hands where Andrea, Franco & James and 3 volunteers’ sets of hands got into a body touching contest;
3)  Survivor (Andrea as the lone survivor in the Light Sabre Duel fighting off Franco, Jeff & James),

There was 5 hours total of great stuff tonight (8PM to 1AM) — a lot of which got on video by passerbys capturing their friends participation in scenes with us.  Maybe they’ll find their way to YouTube.

Also a big shout out to everyone who stopped by including Joseph, Joseph & Alex for the support and hot drinks, Shannon and Andrew, Memo, Brian, Brianna and many more whose support was instrumental for tonight’s success.

Franco, Andrea, and Jeff:  Bravo!  It was AWESOME work (or shall I say play) tonight.  I had a great time!


Check out some of our Nuit Blanche photos!
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