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Glad we prepared Plan B!


Not too long ago, we remounted our 2011 summer show. Remounting a show – sure that sounded easy enough: take our best sets and showcase them – the show would run smoothly and effortlessly. At least that was the plan…

Unfortunately, there were a few snags. With Andrea away in Australia and Franco injuring his back, what else could go wrong? After telling everyone and anyone of our upcoming show, plus the deposit made at the theatre, there really wasn’t any turning back.

Time to regroup and improvise. Time to implement Plan B. After many rehearsals and troupe meetings, we finally came up with script changes that we were happy with and that weren’t going to result in rotten vegetables being thrown at us… hopefully. It was evident that this show was going to be different from our summer show.

Fast forward to the show. It’s interesting to note that each performance had a vastly different audience. Friday evening, we were met with a group of working professionals – unwinding at our comedy show after a long day’s work. Our Saturday afternoon crowd consisted of several students and families. Yes, there were a few kids in the audience who seemed to enjoy the performance, but after all, what kid would not be amused by robots, ninjas, singing, dancing, and food? By Saturday night, while it was probably our most intimate (ie. smallest) crowd, they were definitely the rowdiest – just how we like them.

For those who missed our show, here’s a snapshot of what you missed:
Stroller Dads – Two dads from different worlds one-uping each others strollers. The pimped-out stroller vs. The high-end stroller, who won this race? Surely, it was the children.
Jingle Ladies – Two female roles and only one female actor. Which troupe member filled in the empty heels? Imagine a wig, a falsetto voice, and an audience vote.

Four Square – The name says it all. You may be the mayor on Four Square, but what’s happened to your social skills…?
Chinese Spelling Bee – Spelling, not with letters, but with strokes. And the sketch that coined the phrase, “monkey so biiig.” Kids and zookeepers everywhere are already using it. Are you?

Side note: we want to thank all of our friends and families for their support and coming to see our show. We expect to see you again at the next one!

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