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Photo Shoot Madness!


It’s hard having seven people in a comedy troupe – and that’s not including our honorary members or mat-leave mamas… But in an entirely practical way, it’s a challenge to get all seven of us in a room together – James, Lana, and Jeff all have 9-5 jobs, while Darrel and Gene can be found working at all hours on any day, then there’s me and Franco… jury’s still out on what either of us actually does.

Factor in that we take our promo shots with one of the BEST photographers in ALL of Toronto, and we were left with a scheduling nightmare! But true to form, Raph Nogal Photography + Asiansploitation = PARTY TIME! …in a SWIMMING POOL!! …TWICE!!!

Yup, Raph was so awesome that he scheduled us in for TWO photos shoots to accommodate us crazy kids and our upcoming show, Asiansploitation Goes Deep!

Here we are: Gene, Jeff, Darrel, me, Franco, and James caught in a violent storm… we were trying to swim to Lana, who was busy getting leid in Hawaii during our 1st photo shoot.

That’s us at our 2nd photo shoot: Lana, James, Franco, Gene, Jeff, and me. Darrel must have been busy getting laid somewhere too that day, but he swears he could pass as Gene… so let’s all just play along…

And here, we are just a bunch of legs and faces. We come up with some ridiculous ideas. And Raph humours us! He’s awesome. Get married or something, so you can hire him:

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