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Another Love Letter to Our Photographer


I’m gonna write about Raph Nogal again and how much Asiansploitation LOVES his photography.

When we came up with our show title, Asiansploitation Goes Deep, we explored themes ranging from exposing the depths of our soul to going deep in a football game to catch a glorious hail mary touchdown pass (that one was mostly just me talking to myself)… and deep sea diving.

We thought it would be cool to shoot in a swimming pool, but we also wanted to stimulate Raph creatively – so we decided to ask him what was on his photographer’s Bucket List. When he replied that he’d always wanted to shoot in a swimming pool, we knew it was a match made in heaven!

Always prepared, Raph arrived with some inspiration and asked if we’d like to recreate this Pink Floyd image that shows their album covers:

And with the help of graphic designer, Jennifer Evans, here’s what we got:

I am now going to post this photo in as many places as I can find on the internet to post it.

More of Raph’s photos for Asiansploitation Goes Deep
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More info about Asiansploitation Goes Deep


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