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ImproV your ENGLISH: The Video


Is improv comedy a good way to learn a language? Yes, but only if you DO IT! That’s how I overcame a large part of my fear of speaking French when I studied in Quebec at the very special Cegep St. Foy, one fine summer. Being a part of this video reminded me of all that. Learning English by relaxing, and gaining confidence by playing interactive games, while having fun? What a GREAT concept – which is why Asiansploitation, as an award-winning sketch-comedy troupe in Toronto, is sponsoring this group. Comedy is the fountain of youth, and we all deserve to experience as much of it as we want.

Thanks to Akira Hongo for leading the creative on this multilingual commercial (see if you can identify the languages spoken in the video!), Ken Fernandes for boldly leading this group forward, along with the executive team that is doing a great job in leading this project.

Cool video!

For more info:
Read about ImproV Your English on Asiansploitation’s website
Visit ImproV Your English’s website
Join ImproV Your English on Facebook for a FREE 1-month membership

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