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I Love Food! And Discounts!


It’s no secret amongst the troupe that I always want to eat. Franco and I are notorious for “nibbling” on other people’s meals, dipping everything in sauce, and to James’ dismay: using our personal utensils in communal dishes. But what can I say… we love eating.

That makes Asiansploitation’s latest partnership extra special – because it’s with a restaurant!!!

barkada Restaurant in Scarborough – yep, I’m from Scarborough – is GOING DEEP with Asiansploitation from June 6-9. So along with Carillo Cupcake‘s Front Row Sweets, barkada is offering Turon, Chicken Adobo Empanadas, and Mango Juice (*drool* descriptions below…), available during intermission AND before the show – so come early!

But if you want to get a head start on the eating, for this weekend only, you can get $2 off your meal with each ticket to Asiansploitation Goes Deep that you buy directly from the restaurant, dining in or taking out. There’s no limit, so the more tickets you buy, the more you save! Or the more you can eat…

James hooked us up with this partnership and he’s our resident food critic, so here’s what he had to say about barkada:

Lechon Kawali (Photo by Jennifer Uy)

There aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to sit-down Filipino food in Toronto. Barkada is one of the few that’s opened up in northern Scarborough at the SE corner of Steeles & Middlefield. This place was done up nicely and all new (opened in March 2012), and the higher end food matched the decor.

I tried the Sizzling Sisig (tasty pork jowl mixed with a sauce of various complimentary flavours and textures) along with fried pork belly in 3 different sauces.

If you’re a fan of bacon (and you know I am), then you have to try the fried pork belly (it’s called lechon kawali). Really good and worth trying with the different sauces. Check out the pic!

And these are James’ descriptions of the food that will be at the show:

1) Turon: Think banana spring rolls – banana pieces rolled in a mini wrap, deep-fried then drizzled with a sweet sauce. Delicious!
2) Chicken Adobo Empanada: This is a nice savoury snack that is a creation of Barkada. Normally, Chicken Adobo (chicken with a sweet/salty sauce) is served on it’s own, while the empanada contains pork and some other flavourings. These empanadas were designed as something that we think will appeal to the Asiansploitation audience. A nice intermission snack.
3) Mango Juice.

More info on barkada’s FB invite to Asiansploitation Goes Deep
Click here for barkada Restaurant’s website

Please excuse me, I have to go eat something now.

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