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April Comedy Lab


Asiansploitation opened our April 26 Comedy Lab at Kapisanan with a 20-minute peek into some of our newer sketches, before unveiling our super sexy poster for Asiansploitation: The Text Generation – the first glimpse with the public of our all new sketch-comedy show (June 12-15).

Then we turned our focus to the Comedy Lab participants, who were out to try their hands at laughs. After a 30-minute breakout session with Franco, James, and Darrel, we turned the spotlight to the freshest and rawest stories this side of Augusta: from Akhil’s Oman days to some of Manny’s angst in high school. With the hot lights on, the rest of the group did some cool onstage competition à la “Questions Only”, which ended with about 50 questions between Luke and James exploring a dark cave; and “Who is Doing the More Interesting Activity?”, where Mamoru had a very watchable scene holding in his diarrhea outside a locked bathroom. We then wrapped up with Dr. Know-It-All, hosted by Darrel and Ulysses, while Ace and James explained with alternating words, how snakes can wash washrooms. A fun night by all!

Click here for more info on our next monthly Comedy Lab: Friday May 17th 6:30pm

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