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The Business Team

Jennifer Li
Assistant to the Director, Front of House Manager
Jennifer Li, or better known as JP, is a foodie at heart. This is in fact why she started helping out with Asiansploitation – so she could join in the dinners! Other than foodie, she is known to be Assistant to the Director of Asiansploitation, civil servant, chef school student at George Brown, and cat lover. You can find her here and here.
Amphy Saygnavong
Publicity Manager
Kenneth Fernandes
Business Development for Private Education, Manager of Corporate Sales
Even though Ken has only been on the Asiansploitation business team for a few months, it’s been a life changing experience. In October 2011, he approached James Cheng, seeking advice on what career path to choose. What followed were real life exercises in marketing, creativity, and web design – skills that Ken has brought to the surface, thanks to the coaching and motivation of James.

With a background in ESL instruction, Ken co-founded a group called Improv Your English, which helps ESL students to improve their speaking confidence through improv acting. He has also co-founded a Language School called the Greater Toronto Language School where they encourage close relationships among students and staff to enhance learning and foster community.

Mingliang Ma
Business Development Manager for Influencers & Retail Markets
Ming is currently at IBM and working towards building his business development skills, in general and with Asiansploitation, via a range of university retail and media connections.
David Han
Business Development Manager for Universities, HR Manager
I’m interested in working with student groups to achieve mutual benefit. To explore opportunities, please contact me at Thanks!
Cathy Tse
Business Development Manager for Community Organizations
Cathy has logistical experience with Canadian Tire, is a Toastmasters member, and helps Asiansploitation in our overall community organization business development.
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