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Goes Back… rehearsal (2012 Nov 22)

Gene wins Best Pretty Good Accent in a Scene for Gitmo Small Talk

Lana wins Most Awkward Romantic Moment – Female with Byron for Chat Line

James surprises Jeff, Darrel, Andrea, Franco, and Byron with his bald chest
in rehearsal for I’ll Be White For You

Darrel and Franco in the dressing room

James & Darrel watch as Franco “heals” Andrea in The Healer

Jeff wins the Sexual Achievement Award for “healing” Franco in The Healer

Darrel offers James some “relaxation”

Jeff, Darrel, Franco, Byron, Andrea, Lana, and James in James’ Hallucinating Dance

James hallucinating in James’ Hallucinating Dance

Byron wins Most Awkward Romantic Moment – Male with Lana & Franco for Rap Battle

Franco, Jeff, Byron, Gene, James, Lana, Andrea, and Darrel rock out in the closing medley

Asiansploitation’s awesome Videographer: Andrew, Stage Manager: Shannon, and GIT Tech: Aiden enjoy some well deserved Moocarons

Asiansploitation Goes Deep
Photos by Andrew Currie

Goes Back…
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