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All Grown Up: Plan B (2011 Nov 12)

Gene and Lana as Mr. and Mrs. MacGillicuddy in Geriatric Zombies

Gene welcomes Jeff to his jail cell in Foursquare

James contemplates his purpose in Robot Dad

Franco solicits applause for Gene to understudy the young and naive secretary in Jingle Ladies

James, as the young and naive secretary, and Lana, as the head secretary, lead Jeff, Gene, Franco, and Darrel in a parody of Beyonce’s Single Ladies in Jingle Ladies

Jeff, James, and Gene try to photo-bomb Lana in Elevator Mambo

Jeff inadvertently enters into a social contract with Gene in Alive

Lana serenades Darrel in My Clone

Gene and James one-up each other in Stroller Dads

Jeff, Darrel, Lana, Franco, Gene, and James sing an a capella parody
of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing in The Song

Gene and Lana, as Darrel‘s parents, disapprove of his career choice in Parent-Prov

Photos by Jim Wilson

P&G Year of The Dragon
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