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All Grown Up (2011 Jul 21)

Asiansploitation’s pre-show slide projection

Lana and Andrea dance and sing a parody of Beyonce’s Single Ladies in Jingle Ladies

Andrea, James, Lana, Gene, and Jeff irritate each other in Elevator Mambo

Franco tries to sell chocolates to Jeff, Gene, Lana, Andrea, and James in Elevator Mambo

Jeff, Gene, Lana, Darrel, Franco, Andrea, and James struggle for space in Elevator Mambo

Lana reveals Darrel in My Clone

Lana dips Darrel in My Clone

Darrel discovers the world while Lana tries to reclaim his attention in My Clone

Lana and Andrea showdown in Stroller Girls

Jeff, Darrel, Andrea, Lana, Franco, Gene, and James sing an a capella parody
of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing in The Song

Gene, Andrea, Franco, Lana, James, Darrel, and Jeff parody
Lady Gaga’s Born This Way in All Grown Up in Our Way

Gene, Franco, Andrea, Lana, James, Darrel, and Jeff
curtain call for Asiansploitation All Grown Up

Pinoy Fiesta
Photos by Jim Wilson

Nuit Blanche
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