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Goes Deep (2012 June 7)

Darrel & Franco compete for Jeff‘s appetite in Dim Sum Carts

Andrea learns about racist dating from Franco & Darrel in a parody of Gotye’s
Somebody That I Used To Know called Some Geisha That I Used To Bone

James gets serenaded by Lana, as his stalker, in a parody of Janet Jackson’s Again in You Again

Gene haunts James for ordering the shark’s fin soup in Ghost Shark

James accepts encouragement from Darrel to help him dance in James’ Hallucinating Dance

Darrel, Jeff, Andrea, Franco, Gene, and Lana appear in James‘ psychedelic dance trip
à la Genki Sudo in James’ Hallucinating Dance

Lana, Gene, and Andrea enjoy girl talk in Chernobyl Chit Chat

Franco raps as a member of the Angry Race Issues Street Cred Players in Angry Street Theatre

Andrea, Franco, Jeff, and Lana try to stop James from beating up Darrel in Touch Football

Lana and Jeff visit The Ex, as Faith and Buddha on a date in Losing Faith

Lana, James, Andrea, Darrel, Gene, Franco, and Jeff rock out in Makalakahoa

Darrel, Lana, and James in front, with Gene, Andrea, and Jeff behind,
and Franco on top

Goes Deep Promo
Photos by Jim Wilson

Goes Back… Rehearsal
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