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We Will Wok You (2009 Aug)

Byron, Gene, Franco, Jeff, Sandy, Lana, and James

Byron and Sandy in I’m Sorry

Byron and Sandy split screen in I’m Sorry

James as David Suzuki in Earth Hour

“Yo, yo, yo. The intensity is building to the intense interaction between Scar-bo-ruff and Sleazy Sleaze. Oh, oh…so what happens next in this winner-take-all brawl, y’all?”
Franco as Scarbo-ruff and Byron as Sleazy Sleaze in Gay Rap Battle

Franco, Lana, and Byron in Gay Rap Battle

James, Franco, Byron, Lana, Jeff, Sandy, and Gene in Friends 2.0

Byron, Gene, Lana, Jeff, James, Franco, and Sandy in Friends 2.0

“You’ve been PWN3D!!” Franco in Friends 2.0

“Because of bad polluting habits, our Earth is sick. It’s quite asthmatic” James sings in Enviro Sketch

Gene, Sandy, and Jeff in We Will Wok You I

“Is this for real, wife? The end of our fantasy. The register’s empty, gonna end up in bankruptcy.”
Jeff and Sandy parody Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in We Will Wok You II

Jeff and Sandy “Wok” it up

“Our story comes to an end. We’ll honour our culture, my friends. Proud to be Asian, eff what’s caucasian. No time for cliches cause we’re making big waves in your face!” Byron, Gene, Franco, Jeff, Sandy, Lana, and James parody Queen’s We Are The Champions in We Will Wok You Finale

We Will Wok You Promo

fu-GEN Fire Gala
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