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All Grown Up: Plan B

Asiansploitation makes growing up fun

Growing up is hard enough, so what happens when things don’t go as planned? It’s time to implement Plan B. Following the success of its recent summer run, the all-Asian comedy sketch troupe with a slant presents its latest revue, ASIANSPLOITATION ALL GROWN UP: PLAN B.

This time around, the troupe has transformed the show by injecting more fun twists and surprises to their sets. Watch the troupe present their humorous takes on everyday activities in life through comedy and musical sketches such as Stroller Boys, Jingle Ladies and Baking Therapy. No matter what the theme may be, each sketch is sure to appeal to a broad audience.

Cast and Crew: Gene Abella, Lana Carillo, James Cheng, Darrel Gamotin, Franco Nguyen, Jeff B Santos, and Andrew Currie (director)

All Grown Up Promo Video

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All Grown Up Promo Photos

All Grown Up

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