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Asiansploitation All Grown Up

Sketch Comedy With a Slant

Fresh off a year of tremendous critical and audience acclaim with the Toronto Fringe Festival sleeper hit, Asiansploitation Spanks The Tiger, we present our brand new 90-minute sketch-comedy show, ASIANSPLOITATION ALL GROWN UP.

This is our Bar Mitzvah, our Quinceanera, our Debutante’s Ball of sketch comedy shows. After 5 years, Asiansploitation is ushering in a new era of comedy that is edgier, smarter, sexier, more mature and just as messy. Franco is heartbroken. Jeff’s son graduates high school. Darrel is expecting. James gets a new job. Growing up is tough, but it doesn’t have to be dull.

Come watch Asiansploitation impart important lessons for a successful adulthood, like how to survive a crowded elevator and what not to do with a baby in a combat zone.

Asiansploitation is tingling with anticipation to present its 6th annual revue and most personal show to date: ASIANSPLOITATION ALL GROWN UP is on the George Ignatieff stage at the University of Toronto.

Second City alumnus, Andrew Currie, guides this young ensemble of actors, writers, improvisers, and musicians, with a few who have recently enjoyed success beyond our troupe. Andrea James Lui is featured in the soon to be released Trish Stratus movie, Bail Enforcers. Byron Abalos opened his show, Brown Balls, at the Factory Theatre and was nominated for a Dora award for best performance by an ensemble in paper SERIES.

Written by and Performed by
Gene Abella, Lana Carillo, James Cheng, Darrel Gamotin, Andrea James Lui,
Franco Nguyen, and Jeff B Santos with additional writing by Byron Abalos
Directed by Andrew Currie

All Grown Up Promo Video
“I suggest you wear a diaper to the show, as you will piss yourself laughing.”
– Daryl Ching, NAAAP Toronto Sr. Vice President

All Grown Up Photos

All Grown Up Trading Cards

All Grown Up Promo Photos
“How time flies… I remember my little asians just learning to walk, talk and poop all on their own…”
Raph Nogal Photography
“Asiansploitation had featured Spanks the Tiger which was voted “Patron’s Pick” for the 2010 Toronto Fringe Festival.”
Revive All Music
“Comparing disciplined Asian fathers to C3P0? Awesome. Making it funny but emotionally affecting at the same time…”
Reel Asian

Spanks The Tiger:
The Director’s Cut

All Grown Up:
Plan B
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