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AWB Improv Workshop

Improv Workshop with Asiansploitation

Have you ever been in an elevator and not known how to start a conversation? Or been called on in a meeting, but not known how to best react? Or have you ever had to make a presentation, but felt nervous in front of a crowd?

These are examples of when knowing how to react on the spot and being comfortable in front of a crowd can truly help your career and personal life. Career and personal success require both theoretical knowledge and practical soft skills to increase your personal effectiveness.

AWB is proud to present an opportunity to participate in a workshop where you can practice and further develop your improvisational skills, which will fuel your development and success. We will focus on your soft skills and networking development to ultimately bring you more career options and greater success.

Asiansploitation, Toronto’s premier all-Asian comedy troupe, brings their professional experience, humour, and improvisation skills to the classroom. They will provide hands-on training and lessons in improv to help balance your career and personal life. These will give you a foundation to build on your communication skills and to help set the stage for greater success in your career and life. AWB and Asiansploitation are proud to offer you an opportunity to attend their first Improv Workshop: an opportunity to develop a life skill that you will be able to use again and again.

AWB Improv Workshop with Asiansploitation
Date/Time: Monday April 23, 2012 at 6:00pm
Location: TBD
Spaces available: 30
Cost: Free for AWB members
Click here to register now!

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