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Asiansploitation Comedy Lab

Asiansploitation’s March Comedy Lab on FRIDAY MARCH 7TH

Join our comedy workshop of interactive games. Great for all levels from novice to rusty to those looking to up their game. No experience or preparation required.

For the personal touch, we work in small groups of 2 – 6 people on a topic of your choice: we expect to have Improv, Sketch Premise Development, Musical Improv & Stand-Up. This is underground fun that will lift your spirits and tickle your funny bone!.

Come with friends, make new friends, and flex your comedic muscle with the warm heart of the Asiansploitation Comedy Lab!

6PM: Doors open
6:15PM: Warm-Ups
6:30PM: Welcome & Small Group Work (Improv/Sketch/Stand-Up)
7:30PM: Sharing
8:30PM: Done! Anyone for food/drink up the street?

$5 Cash Donation
RSVP: or Facebook
We had a blast at our last Asiansploitation Comedy Lab on September 6, 2013.

July Comedy Lab Photos
A record 26 people showed up despite tornado warnings… at July Comedy Lab: Our biggest & best to date!
“Asiansploitation Comedy Lab!
Workshop & Community Testing Ground…”
Kapisanan Centre
“Asiansploitation’s comedy lab is a well-guided approach for interested comedy lovers…”
Akhil Warrior
“Last Friday night I decided to attend an Improvisational Theatre Workshop…”
Underdog Arch Student

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