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Asiansploitation Comedy Lab Testimonials

“Before I joined the comedy lab, I was nervous, because I’m not confident with my English. But everyone who joined in this workshop was very kind and it was very fun for me. Especially, the game that a person must reply to two people at the same time was really nice opportunity for me. It was difficult for me, but I want to try that game again!”
– Mamoru Ikegami

“Asiansploitation’s comedy lab is a well-guided approach for interested comedy lovers who would like to take a shot at ‘laughter-crafting’. It reveals undiscovered & hidden skills to interact in increasingly comical ways by focusing on the different aspects of the genre. It helped me speed up my inherent ability of slapping laughter into someone’s life spontaneously. This workshop is certainly a game changer if you’re looking to bring out the ‘funny’ in you and address that passive personality that’s always capping your potential.”
– Akhil Warrior

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