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Asiansploitation Goes Back…

Asiansploitation Goes Back… to Crack You Up!

2006 marked the birth of Asiansploitation’s first sketch revue. Since then, their flourishing fan base has seen this troupe sweat it out to deliver showcase after showcase of original comedic gems. As 2012 comes to a close, there’s no infamous 7-year itch for this group. In fact, their 8th revue in November will show how these troupe members are smitten with each other all over again.

Asiansploitation will spice it up by rolling out the red carpet for an extraordinary celebration: an awards show honouring one another. Ah yes, this will be an evening of joking, evoking and stroking (of the egos, that is). Come along for the ride.

Join the little sketch troupe that could, as they look back and relive some of their most memorable onstage moments. Old and new audiences alike will delight in sketches such as Who’s Your Foster Daddy?, Gitmo Small Talk, I’ll Be White for You, Please Your Grandma and James on Weed.

Faces you may have missed are back in the fold. It will likely be a long wait to see these crazy eight share the same stage again. Brace yourself for something extra-special.

You do NOT want to miss this show!!

Cast & Crew: Byron Abalos, Gene Abella, Lana Carillo, James Cheng, Darrel Gamotin, Andrea James Lui, Franco Nguyen, Jeff B Santos, and Andrew Currie (director)

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