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NAAAP International Convention

Self-Consciousness, Communications, and Acting with James Cheng
(FRIDAY AUGUST 9, 8:45-10:00AM)

Dealing with self-consciousness is more than just knowing your objectives and being prepared, it includes being centred, comfortable, and ready.
This interactive workshop shares 3 areas from 16 years of corporate P&G life including 5 years examining Asian-Pacific behaviours within a predominantly American-cultured company, and 7 years of actor training with specific tools and exercises, and approach to bring about stronger and less self-conscious communications. They include:
1) Structuring ideas against your objectives;
2) Recognizing how self-consciousness starts and how to address it;
3) Being Yourself Through Improv to Deal with Uncertainty

Under and Mis-representAsian on Stage and Screen with Byron Abalos
(SATURDAY AUGUST 10, 10:30-11:45AM)

Remember that movie when the Asian male lead got the girl? Or that other movie where the Asian woman wasn’t defined by her sexuality? Me neither. It’s tough being an Asian actor. With the help of sketch comedy troupe Asiansploitation, actor/playwright/producer Byron Abalos outlines the challenges and opportunities of being brown-skinned in a predominantly white industry. We’ll survey the current state of affairs for Asian actors, examine the politics of representation, explore the historical origins of misrepresentations and suggest what we can and must do to change things. Join us for this interactive, entertaining and inspiring look into the world of being a professional Asian actor.

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