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Asiansploitation Spanks The Tiger

I never wanted mom to see me like this…”

Prorogation! Volcanoes! Werewolves! The year of the tiger has been misbehaving and needs to be spanked. Your friendly neighbourhood comedy troupe is here to offer their services with a helping hand.

Ever witness a turf war between realtors and same-sex couples? Ever wonder what granny does home alone on the internet? How about learning open-heart surgery in four, easy, one-hour installments? Now take the worst possible roommate, multiply that by pi, and raise that to the power of the universe. You get the picture.

So dust off your sandals/crocs/loafers/chucks/pumps and head over to Asiansploitation’s brand new comedy revue. Bawdy. Decisive. Uplifting. Knee-spanking, chest-hurting fun. Reach for the tissue, ‘cuz Confucius says it’s going to be one messy, unpredictable year. Let Asiansploitation be the hug that makes it all better.

Asiansploitation is thrilled to celebrate its 5th annual revue, ASIANSPLOITATION SPANKS THE TIGER, on the Toronto Fringe Festival stage. Second City alumnus, Andrew Currie, guides this young ensemble of actors, writers, improvisers, and musical theatre performers to push the envelope in their newest show.

Presented by Asiansploitation as part of

Written and Performed by Gene Abella, Sandy Chen, James Cheng, Darrel Gamotin,
Andrea James Lui, Franco Nguyen, and Jeff B Santos
Directed by Andrew Currie
Set, costume, and lighting design by Asiansploitation

Fan Art by Francis Fauteux

Patrons’ Pick

Spanks The Tiger Photos
“…takes a few pokes at racial boundaries while remaining original and funny.”
Now Magazine’s Debbie Fein-Goldbach
“…make[s] comedy with strong cultural influences that also appeals to a broader audience.”
Toronto Star’s Bruce DeMara
“”It’s not Asian-specific, really, just broad comedy about video games, office life and the environment…”
Eye Weekly’s Kate Carraway
Jeff, James, and Andrea featured on page 6 by Nora Ohanjanians
Scarborough Arts Council’s Surface & Symbol

fu-GEN Fire Gala

Spanks The Tiger:
The Director’s Cut
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