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Asiansploitation: The Text Generation

“Just when I’m thinking what are they going to think of next – Asiansploitation brings the house down and blows the roof off! Great show that had me in stitches with a finale that split my sides wide open – your shows need to have a medical warning! Just sayin’…LOL”
– Ben Hum, President NAAAP

“Fantastic show last night! As good as, if not better than Second City. The show contained brilliant, relevant comedy combined with creative song and dance performed by professional actors. My friend and I enjoyed two hours of hilarious distractions! Thank you!”
– Janine Elliott

Asiansploitation Goes Back…

“Thank you for a great night of comedy. You guys are geniuses, not just in a mathematical way. Non stop LMFAO LULZ!!!”
– Brian Hsieh

“I loved the passion in everyone!”
– Nicole Bernstein

“The show was great, upbeat, exciting and filled with creative urban humor. Can’t wait for the next one!”
– Mark Landers

“From [Rap Battle] to [Parent-Prov] to the Chat Line to I’ll be White for You.  I can’t think of only one [sketch] to call my favourite. Great job guys!”
– Joe Costa

Asiansploitation Goes Back… to Crack You Up! was simply hilarious – I haven’t laughed that often and that hard in a long time, THANK YOU!”
– Jordy Koski

“Asiansplotation was a smash!!! Some of the best [sketches] I have ever seen.”
– Peter Landers

P&G Year of the Dragon

“I haven’t laughed so much in ages!!”
– Shab, P&G Sales Manager

“The show was GREAT!”
– Brian, P&G Sales

“Thank you for the fantastic performance […] Many, many, many great laughs and some good messages too.”
– Lisa, P&G Executive Admin to External Relations & Product Supply

“Today’s show was comical & entertaining and you were HILARIOUSLY funny!!! […] I loved the skit about Asian parents ‘coming here, so you can have a better life’ […] I laugh… being Jewish, I can relate to the strong family ties both cultures hold dear.”
– Tina, P&G Sourcing Operations

“I couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to end.”
– Fernando, P&G Product Supply

“I freaking loved it […] everyone was into it.”
– Gautam, P&G Global Business Services

Asiansploitation All Grown Up

“Asiansploitation gives Second City a run for their money. Their clever sketches will make you laugh until you cry […] I suggest you wear a diaper to the show, as you will piss yourself laughing.”
Daryl Ching, NAAAP Toronto Senior Vice President


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